Today’s Press Release

Today’s Press Release

Today, the Diocese of Cheyenne sent out a press release announcing credible allegations of sexual abuse by Bishop-Emeritus Joseph Hart, the retired Bishop of Cheyenne.  You may find the press release on our diocesan website.  In this sad and painful time, please join me in praying that healing and peace will come to all who have been impacted by these allegations.  Also, let us pray for renewed hope in the power of grace over sin.  St. Paul expresses this hope so well in his Letter to the Romans by writing, “Where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more” (Rom. 5:20).

2 thoughts on “Today’s Press Release

  1. Thank you Bishop Steven for the courage to be our Shepherd during all times! I continue to pray for your strength and loving guidance. The Diocese of Cheyenne will be greatly blessed because of this action. I support you 100%. I do not see this as good or bad, right or wrong, but necessary!
    Chris Perry, Casper, WY

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