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Month: May 2017

Call me Bishop Steven

Call me Bishop Steven

I understand that people in the diocese have been asking about how I would like to be addressed.  My preference is to be called “Bishop Steven,” rather than Bishop Biegler.  However, I will not be fussy about it, so please do not worry about it if you forget.

Why “Bishop Steven”?  Steven is my baptismal name, and the name that I was called by my family.  As a priest, I used Fr. Steve, so Bishop Steven is similar.  While I understand that using a Bishop’s last name for address is a form of respect, it might also create distance in a relationship which is meant to be fatherly and familial.

Also, I do not prefer titles like “your excellency,” etc.  Formal titles like that do not fit my personality.

“Bishop” is a title used in the New Testament.  The word in Greek is episkopos which means “overseer” with the sense of a guardian who is watching over others to guide and protect them.   St. Peter uses this word to describe Jesus’ care for us in 1 Pet. 2:25, “For you had gone astray like sheep, but you have returned to the shepherd and guardian (episkopon) of your souls.”

I am excited to be with you, and I look forward to serving the Lord with you.  In preparation for my episcopal ordination, I am required to make a retreat, which I will make next week May 22-26.  Please pray for me.

Peace in Christ,

Bishop-elect Steven

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